The city that never sleeps




It’s a bird… It’s a plane…


Music sounds better


The blood cycle




Don’t let it go to waste


New shirts & store


A5 magazine’s Remix issue video


Pecha-Kucha Tel-Aviv


There is still HOPE


We did this to ourselves


Festiloveat 2010


The cycle of indecisive living


Alma Zohar – Thirty-three


Be on the safe side


Some sense of purpose


The fallacy of affirming the consequent


One day you’ll see


Live and Love and Live


Teder pop-up radio bar


Under the mountain


Apparently cats only have one life just like the rest of us




loveat’s beverage illustrations


Pepsi Max big spender


Ramon Tapia


Castro – black & white project




loveat’s 2nd birthday


Various posters for sale